Ubuntu India Design and Management Wiki

==Ubuntu-logo1.jpg The Ubuntu India logo== How the logo should be: 1. It should use the Ubuntu India color palette. 2. It should have the Indian tricolour. 3. It should be good looking, much like the new Ubuntu logo. 4. That's it! POST YOUR LOGOS HERE: Logo2.svg Logo.pngLogos.svg Ubuntun.png

Ubuntuinwow.svg Ubuntuinwowz.png

by Maitraya Here's some of mine, I used the Ubuntu-In color pallette: Ubuntu-in-logo-bhaskar1.png Ubuntu-in-logo-bhaskar1-text-bottom.png Ubuntu-in-bhaskar2.png Ubuntu-in-logo-bhaskar3.png by Bhaskar


Ubuntu-India.png by Anmol