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his page contains the list of projects/ideas that the members of the Ubuntu-IN team are undertaking and some details on the same. It also contains a list of To-Dos for people to look into and start contributing in whatever way they find interesting.


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CD For Grabs[]

Want Cds for a event in College/University/School? Want some for personal use because you dont have a fast internet connection or may be no internet? No worries. Click the links below and find the person closest to you who has some stock of CDs. Go Grab them!

  1. Ubuntu CDs for sharing
  2. Order Complete Ubuntu Repository on DVDs

Ubuntu-IN Extra CD[]

Ubuntu India Team is in process of creating an extra CD for facilitating installation of some additional packages offline. The CD will be usable with apt-get or synaptic. Please go below and contribute your most wanted package such that it goes into the Extra CD rightaway.

Ubuntu India Team Extra CD

Contact person: Onkarshinde

Elphel Camera Project[]

The Ubuntu India team is looking for a 1-3 person(s) team who will take up the task of R&D and implementation of a smaller/cheaper version of Elphel camera. Go below to find out more on this project.

Elphel Camera Project proposal

Contact person: Onkarshinde, Aanjhan Ranganathan, Vivek Khurana

Ubuntu India Site Re-design[]

The Ubuntu India website needs a new look. We are using MediaWiki for the site and thus anybody who has some experience about customizing MediaWiki themes may come forward and offer help. We already have a few themes in our minds and they need some minor customization for our use.

The detailed page is here

Status : In progress

Contact person: Teammembers

Ubuntu India System-Look[]

This project wants designers and volunteers, with flair in multimedia creation to create a totally new system look, based on the Ubuntu-IN theme (see our logo as an example). Some example packages under this look are a USplash theme, GDM theme, Gnome theme, a sound and icons/cursor pack etc. The project page is here: Ubuntu India System-Look project

Contact person: Pratul Kalia

Note: If you want to make your project a collaborative effort of Ubuntu Indian Team, please mail the administrators at admins AT ubuntu-in DOT info with details about the project and what kind of involvement you are looking from the team.