How to type in Indian languages?Edit

  1. Select "Language Support" using the menu as follows: System > Administration > Language Support
  2. All the supported languages are listed in this window. Check whether the language you are looking for is selected or not. If selected, it should have a check mark in the box in front of the language.
  3. Select the language you want to enable by putting a check mark on the box by clicking on it.
  4. If the language packages are not already installed, selecting the language will ask whether you want to install the required packages. Please proceed installing the required packages.
  5. Once the packages are installed, the languages are enabled automatically. We can use SCIM Input Method to type in these languages.
  6. From the menu, select: System > Preferences > SCIM Input Method Setup
  7. In the SCIM Input Method Setup window, we can configure how to activate/deactivate SCIM input. SelectGlobal Setup option under FrontEnd option and make sure the Keyboard Layout is appropriate (English(US) in most cases).
  8. Set the Trigger option to key combination of your choice. Suggested combinations are CTRL+SPACE orCTRL+ALT+SPACE. When this key combination in pressed, SCIM Input is enabled or disabled.
  9. There is a keyboard icon in the Notification Area. When it is clicked, it will show a drop down of languages, from which the language of your choice can be selected as well.
  10. When SCIM is triggered ON, a small pop-up window is displayed showing the currently active language. Clicking on it will show a similar list of languages as explained above.
  11. Important point to note is that when you enable SCIM, the current focus of the cursor should be on a text input field (including an editor window). Else, SCIM popup will not be seen.
  12. By triggering ON and OFF, we can switch between typing in default keyboard layout (US Enlgish) and the selected language.
  13. Some languages have Phonetic option which is useful for people who do not know to use the language's keyboard layout but prefer to type the language in another language such as English.
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