Creating ISOs of CDs

Using K3b

This HOW-To is to help Windows users to create an ISO of a CD using K3b (in Dapper Drake [6.06]), a utility similar to Nero, in Windows. The entire process is supplemented with Screenshots. In this case, I'm using a single CD-RW (SONY CD-RW CRX230EE)

  • Insert any data CD, of which, you would like to create an ISO. On inserting the CD, similar to Windows, you'll be prompted with a screen, that essentially works like Auto-Run in Windows.
In this case, I am using a Ubuntu 6.10 CD for creating its ISO.
If you would like to view the contents of the CD, click on Open in New Window. Since, I had to create an ISO, I chose to "Do Nothing" and clicked OK button.
  • Next, Click the K Menu -> Multimedia -> K3b (CD & DVD Burning) to open it. On opening, you should see something similar to the following screenshot.
  • Go to "Copy CD" box and left-click it. You should see a window similar to the following screenshot.
CD Reading Device and the burning device may be same or different based on the hardware that you have. My screenshot shows a single optical drive for reading as well as burning.
Don't worry about the other options, as they will be selected automatically by K3b when you choose to create an image.
  • To create an image of the CD, under "Options", select / check "Only create image" and deselect / uncheck the others (Simulate, Remove image). The following screenshot demonstrates the same.
Move to the image tab, in that window and specify a directory to write the ISO file to. For example, /home/bharat/ISO_files (where bharat is the logged on user)
  • Click on Start button, to begin creating the ISO and you'll see a window similar to the one shown below.
  • You'll also see a status of the optical disc being read to create the ISO, when you minimize the K3b window. Here's a screenshot of the same.
  • On completion, a superb! sound will emanate from your speakers / headphones indicating success. You'll also see a window similar to the one below.

Using Nautilus

Nautilus is the file browser in GNOME which is default desktop environment for Ubuntu. It has basic functionality for creating ISO, writing ISO to CD etc.

  • Right click on the CD icon that appears when you insert the CD and select 'Copy Disc ...'
  • Select option 'File Image' for 'Copy disc to:'
  • Choose a filename and path for iso. Make sure that you have right access to the directory.
  • A progress dialog will show up
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