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Creating ISOs of CDs[]

Using K3b[]

This HOW-To is to help Windows users to create an ISO of a CD using K3b (in Dapper Drake [6.06]), a utility similar to Nero, in Windows. The entire process is supplemented with Screenshots. In this case, I'm using a single CD-RW (SONY CD-RW CRX230EE)

  • Insert any data CD, of which, you would like to create an ISO. On inserting the CD, similar to Windows, you'll be prompted with a screen, that essentially works like Auto-Run in Windows.
In this case, I am using a Ubuntu 6.10 CD for creating its ISO.
If you would like to view the contents of the CD, click on Open in New Window. Since, I had to create an ISO, I chose to "Do Nothing" and clicked OK button.
  • Next, Click the K Menu -> Multimedia -> K3b (CD & DVD Burning) to open it. On opening, you should see something similar to the following screenshot.
  • Go to "Copy CD" box and left-click it. You should see a window similar to the following screenshot.
CD Reading Device and the burning device may be same or different based on the hardware that you have. My screenshot shows a single optical drive for reading as well as burning.
Don't worry about the other options, as they will be selected automatically by K3b when you choose to create an image.
  • To create an image of the CD, under "Options", select / check "Only create image" and deselect / uncheck the others (Simulate, Remove image). The following screenshot demonstrates the same.
Move to the image tab, in that window and specify a directory to write the ISO file to. For example, /home/bharat/ISO_files (where bharat is the logged on user)
  • Click on Start button, to begin creating the ISO and you'll see a window similar to the one shown below.
  • You'll also see a status of the optical disc being read to create the ISO, when you minimize the K3b window. Here's a screenshot of the same.
  • On completion, a superb! sound will emanate from your speakers / headphones indicating success. You'll also see a window similar to the one below.

Using Nautilus[]

Nautilus is the file browser in GNOME which is default desktop environment for Ubuntu. It has basic functionality for creating ISO, writing ISO to CD etc.

  • Right click on the CD icon that appears when you insert the CD and select 'Copy Disc ...'
  • Select option 'File Image' for 'Copy disc to:'
  • Choose a filename and path for iso. Make sure that you have right access to the directory.
  • A progress dialog will show up