Ubuntu India Design and Management Wiki

Pick Your Bit[]

This To DO list shall act as the starting point for people wondering how to contribute to the Ubuntu Indian Community. Please feel free to pick your bit from the list below or add new interesting bits to the list.

If you have completed a task from this list, please remove them from the same. For more help, poke us in the Mailing List or in the IRC Channel #ubuntu-in at irc.freenode.net


  1. Setting up a Planet Ubuntu India (In Progress: Aanjhan)


  1. Setting up a Artwork page where all the art work related to Ubuntu India community will be made available
  2. New themes for Ubuntu India site
  3. Design wallpapers, stickers based on Ubuntu India logo and that reflects the country's diversity


  1. Maintain the existing docs complete and up-to-date, with appropriate screen shots
  2. More articles on more topics - the best writing service in the web!

Events ~ Representation and Volunteering[]

Check out the Events page to know what's happening around and have an eye on the mailing list for information related to participation.

This space will list the volunteers and responsibilities when we are participating in some event.


  1. Translating Ubuntu India Wiki (at least a few important pages initially) to various Indian languages (at least in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Urdu)


Ubuntu India Team has hosted this wiki and other stuffs on it's own, maintained by the team administrators and funded by voluntary Sponsors from the team. If you would like to contribute towards the yearly hosting expenses, please mail to admins AT ubuntu-in DOT info to let us know of your interests.