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There are various softwares that can do audio/video capture and processing. Following table lists them.

Package Type of capture and processing Comments Available in repositories?
audacity Audio Exports default to wav or Vorbis/Ogg format. You need to install liblame0 to enable MP3 exporting. universe
jokosher Audio Jokosher is a simple yet powerful multi-track studio. With it you can create and record music, podcasts and more, all from an integrated simple environment. universe (as of edgy)
avidemux Audio/Video With avidemux you can open divx, process the audio track with the included

filters and save a part of the avi (i.e. split).
De-multiplex audio & video is also possible, the audio track can be coming from the avi or an external Wav/MP3 file..

devede Audio/Video Convert any mplayer/mencoder supported files to create VCD, SVCD, DVD multiverse (as of edgy)
thoggen Audio/Video Rip your DVDs to Theora/Ogg video.
Very simple and usable UI. No subtitles support yet. A little bit slow since theora implementation in in early stages and not optimized yet.
dvdrip Audio/Video Rip your DVDs to DivX, XviD. Uses transcode as backend. Works pretty well. Very complex UI using GTK+ 1.2. universe
kino Audio/Video Record, create, edit, and play movies recorded with DV camcorders. Exports to various formats. May require ffmpeg, lame, vorbis-tools for some functionality. main
pitivi Audio/Video Uses GStreamer as backend. universe
diva Audio/Video Developed using Mono. Uses GStreamer as backend. No.http://www.diva-project.org/
gqcam Audio/Video from webcam, capture only Works with any V4L1 device. universe
motion Video Motion detector using one or more video signals. universe
mythtv Audio/Video, from TV tuner card, capture and record A PVR application. multiverse
tvtime Audio/Video, capture only Television application universe
xawtv Audio/Video, from TV tuner card, capture only TV application for X11. Works with any V4L device. universe
istanbul Video Desktop session recorder. Saved to Theora/Ogg format. Ideal as tool to make video tutorials.
WARNING: The package in dapper repositories is not usable at all. Get source fromhttp://live.gnome.org/Istanbul
  1. V4L - Video capture/overlay API of the linux kernel.